PdfCrypter -Secure, encrypt and send PDF documents by e-mail
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PdfCrypter Standard
The entry-level version of this software enables PDF documents to be secured with simple password protection.

You determine who may read, print, process, add to and copy your PDF documents.

The PdfCrypter supports cipher systems including high-level symmetric AES (Acrobat 7) and RC4 encryption with code lengths from 40 to 128 bits.

PdfCrypter Professional
This version is aimed at professional users for whom PDF encryption security is a top priority.

In addition to password protection, PDF documents can be encrypted for specific recipients using certificates (asymmetric encryption, RSA).

To open the documents, the recipient must have the right certificate. Nobody can open the PDF document without your permission!

PdfCrypter Professional
Network license
Netzwerklizenzen erlauben mehreren Network licenses enable several users in a network (LAN) to simultaneously use the application.

Different license models are available depending on requirements.
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Info | Order | Trial version
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PdfCrypter Service-Release
From now on, a new update to version for PdfCrypter is available. Users of the PdfCrypter full and of the trial versions can download the update for free. | more...
PdfCrypter now shipping
The interface of PdfCrypter has been translated and we're now shipping the English version of PdfCrypter 1.0 | more...
Export and further process PDF
files and save them again as PDF with PdfGrabber Professional.

To prepare them for distribution
use PdfCrypter Professional to encrypt and/or secure your PDF documents.
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